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Our diverse team of consultants allows us to help you throughout the business lifecycle.

Services our consultants offer vary greatly due to our diverse range of skills. We did that intentionally to be able to serve every part of your business.


  • Marketing strategy 

  • Digital initiatives

  • Media management

  • Public relations

Human Resources

  • Staffing support

  • Employee handbook/policies

  • Staff augmentation 

  • Culture


  • Strategy

  • E-commerce store development/go-to-market

  • Optimization


  • Architecture design/strategy

  • Code reviews

  • Development

Professional Services 

  • Strategic planning

  • Turnaround plans

  • Project Management

  • Risk assessment

  • Partnership development

  • Business planning

  • Tools and services selections

  • Leadership support

  • Financial Planning


  • Contract negotiation 

  • Employee/employer relations

  • Vendor negotiation 

  • Strategic conflict resolution

  • Cost reduction

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